Increase engagement of your members & subscribers with on-site widgets

Poool Engage is a powerful engagement tool for digital marketing teams to increase lifetime value & avoid churn thanks to
ready-to-use and fully customizable on-site widgets like sticky banners, newsletter sign-up elements, pre-home pages, pop-ups and forms that you can configure with deep granularity without asking your tech team a single thing

Create this wall in 3 easy steps with Poool

Increase reader engagement

  • checkIntegrate newsletter sign-up elements into content or as an overlay
  • checkBuild engagement elements in any format: pop-up, banner, content block, full screen...
  • checkModify form fields, collecting the data that’s valuable to you
  • checkPromote membership or subscription products in any format, anywhere on your site
  • checkConfigure display conditions to target elements with deep granularity

Retain members and subscribers

  • checkBuild engaging onboarding journeys for new members and subscribers
  • checkEncourage readers to download your app, create an account, sign up to your newsletter…
  • checkAlert subscribers when their credit or debit card is about to expire
  • check…and any other strategy to increase reader revenue that you can imagine
Launch A/B tests in seconds thanks to the Poool dashboard
Configure multi-display conditions


  • checkConfigure multiple display conditions to target audiences based on their source of traffic, device used or engagement metrics on-page (scroll depth, time passed, number of visits, etc.)
  • checkManage the number of times that a user should see the same element
  • checkStart from zero or use on of our ready-to-go templates
  • checkEdit designs in minutes, without tech using our design builder
  • checkCollect data and send to your chosen DMP thanks to our 3rd party connectors (Zapier, webhook)

The Tools. The Expertise. The Inspiration.

  • checkThe tools: The complete set of tools needed to master your reader revenue model, from engagement & registration, to subscription & retention
  • checkThe expertise: Audience conversion specialists to support you in continuously optimizing performance with strategic guidance
  • checkThe inspiration with The Audiencers, the industry-leading community for media pros we launched in 2022

Client testimonials

Poool allows us to better qualify our user segments and deploy an effective guest account strategy, integrating easily on our platform. We now envision a phase where each segment will be addressed with a specific user experience.
Benjamin Lupu - Chief Digital Officer - The Africa Report — The Africa Report
We integrated Poool’s tool into our site very quickly thanks to close support from the team. The product allows us to adapt the paywall to different user profiles so as to maximize reader conversion rates.
Jimmy Temporado - Product Owner - Journal du Dimanche — Journal du Dimanche
Quote managed to triple the size of its subscribers base in the last 3 years. Using the Poool platform has been a huge help to achieve our goals. It allowed us to test and deploy effective paywall strategies really fast.
Frédéric Désiles - Strategy and Marketing Director - Alter Eco — Alter Eco

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