Increase reader-to-customer conversion rates. Monetize your content. Learn about your audience.

The one tool for brand publishers

Poool Access is the tool you need to convert anonymous visitors into known prospects, giving you valuable insights into your audience and feeding your sales team with qualified leads.

Increase your conversion rates from 3% to 20%!

Leave vanity metrics to your competitors. Produce content with a ROI.

Convert readers into leads with a Registration Wall, requiring data from your visitors in exchange for access to content.

Collect valuable first-party data points with a Registration Wall

Ask your visitors to fill out a form in order to gain access to content

Continuously optimize conversion rates

A/B test and personalize form fields, increasing conversion rates by 30%-300% (the average increase amongst Poool clients)

Inform decision-making with audience insights

Collect the data that matches your business model, adapting your editorial strategy to your prospects' needs

Proving the ROI of your content has never been easier

Measure the impact of your content strategy on your business, tracking the KPIs that matter more than audience size and reach

  • checkAccurately track the number of leads generated through content
  • checkIdentify and target your most valuable leads
  • checkTrack KPIs that have a direct and concrete impact on your revenue

Generate leads and subscribers effortlessly

By integrating a dynamic datawall into your content, you respect the customer journey while engaging new, qualified profiles.

  • checkLaunch with just a few scenarios, adding more as you refine your conversion strategy
  • checkTarget multiple conversion opportunities simultaneously with audience segmentation
  • checkA/B test user journeys and data collection forms, optimizing in a few clicks

Poool is more than a tool. Poool are a team of experts.

Our team has worked with some of the most successful digital publishers. Now we're putting our expertise to work in supporting brands to achieve the same.

  • checkLearn from our brand publishing expertise
  • checkCompare performance with others in the market thanks to our industry insights
  • checkAccess to The Audiencers+, our premium publication for clients, full of exclusive benchmarks and the latest market trends

A solution born in publishing, developed for brands

Easily integrated into your ecosystem and fully adaptable to your strategy, content and audience.

  • checkFor content marketplaces: grow your subscriber base and continuously develop your strategy
  • checkFor SaaS businesses: guide your inbound marketing strategy and feed sales teams with qualified leads
  • checkFor podcast producers: turn your anonymous audience into known listeners for increased ad revenue and valuable insights to inform your strategy

6 reasons to work with Poool

  • checkHaving already worked with over 150 digital publishers, who have audience conversion at the heart of their strategies, we have expertise to lead brand publishers to success
  • checkPoool connects to your existing tech stack, from your chosen CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.) to your cookie consent platform (such as Didomi), newsletter solution (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc.) and Zapier for any other tools
  • checkA/B test every part of your wall in a few clicks and without having to call upon your tech team. Analyze results directly in the Dashboard.
  • checkNo-code wall builder for marketing teams to configure text, design and data collection forms in complete autonomy and in a matter of minutes.
  • checkAudience segmentation based on device, content type, source of traffic, user profile or location.
  • checkOpen to your ecosystem: with our API, webhooks and events, you can connect any database needed (and Poool will never share data)

Client testimonials

Poool allows us to better qualify our user segments and deploy an effective guest account strategy, integrating easily on our platform. We now envision a phase where each segment will be addressed with a specific user experience.
Benjamin Lupu - Chief Digital Officer - The Africa Report — The Africa Report
We integrated Poool’s tool into our site very quickly thanks to close support from the team. The product allows us to adapt the paywall to different user profiles so as to maximize reader conversion rates.
Jimmy Temporado - Product Owner - Journal du Dimanche — Journal du Dimanche
Quote managed to triple the size of its subscribers base in the last 3 years. Using the Poool platform has been a huge help to achieve our goals. It allowed us to test and deploy effective paywall strategies really fast.
Frédéric Désiles - Strategy and Marketing Director - Alter Eco — Alter Eco

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